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The European Masters Games


The days of an athlete's sporting career ending not long after his/her thirtieth birthday celebrations are finally over. Just a decade ago, top sports-men and women were retiring in their thirties amidst assumptions that they had reached their prime. Nowadays, however, this is not the case. In these modern times athletes in their thirties and forties are constantly improving their fitness and skill level. Additional years of training have resulted in the acquisition of an advanced level of knowledge and experience of their sport, so it's no surprise that more mature athletes often have no problem keeping up with their younger counterparts. The introduction of an event to celebrate this fact has, therefore, been met with great delight and enthusiasm.

The European Masters Games are a ten-day, Olympic-style event, attended by athletes who are over the age of thirty-five. Previous Olympians and former World Champions, club sports-people, or serious practising athletes make up the participants who will compete in their sport. Just like the Olympic Games there is a huge array of sporting competitions taking place including rowing, cycling, beach rugby, martial arts, and many more.

The European Masters Games are based on the principle that sport is for everyone regardless of age, race, gender or social class. The Games are proof that competitive sport is not restricted to the younger generations, but can be a life-long love. Not only does this provide a wonderful example to sporting beginners, but also provides inspiration and great motivation to sports novices, and the youth of Europe - a demonstration of the fact that a love of sport can be long-term, and that there is always a goal to strive towards.

The beautiful seaside town of Lignano, Italy, is the location of this exciting event. Competitors and spectators alike can enjoy the events, experience the wonder of the opening and closing ceremonies, and bask in the warmth of glorious sunshine; all against the backdrop of beautiful Italian scenery - a perfect setting for a wonderful, exciting, and hopefully successful European Masters Games.



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